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International Law Firm Bertaggia of Ferrara, Modena, offers to foreign companies wishing to invest in Italy, or open up branches or offices a lot of services and professional assistance. The structure and experience of the law firm Bertaggia is put at the disposal of foreign corporations with professionalism and continuity, providing a full range of services and care services and all that is necessary to be able to enter in the Italian domestic market. We are always on the side of companies!

The operation is guaranteed by the following methods:

  • research and preliminary assessment of the opportunities in the commercial sector of interest;
  • retrieval of the registered office and operational office to better market conditions;
  • carrying out everything you need to get licenses and permits which may be required to operate in the specific field required;
  • drafting and preparation of the memorandum and articles of association;
  • assistance and cooperation to the formalities for opening the company’s, incumbent notary, enrollment in the register of companies;
  • assistance and cooperation for the fiscal, tax office, Italian Revenue Office and anything else required;
  • assistance and continuous collaboration for the preparation of financial statements, tax returns and all other aspects, both legal and administrative accounting necessary for the proper performance of the company;
  • continued legal assistance in the field of corporate and commercial law;
  • ongoing support for all activities aimed at the recovery of debts, without exception;
  • every other aspect of useful and necessary to implement and assist in the success of the Italian territory;

The Law Firm Bertaggia arises, in the face of foreign enterprises, such as a single point of contact, efficient and inclusive to carry out all that is needed to be able to allow foreign companies to operate successfully in a state, like the Italian, in where, because of the excess of unnecessary formalism, it becomes particularly difficult to manage the business trends. Thanks to its versatility and the multidisciplinary approach that distinguishes it, in addition to his deep knowledge of the administrative dynamics of the Italian state, is able to be the right partner for foreign companies who want to expand their business in the Italian national territory.

The firm has in-house staff able to speak the main business languages, both European and non-European.
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