Credit Recovery in Italy



Bertaggia Law Firm favors this recovery phase as more immediate, more easy solution (in certain cases) and, above all, less expensive for the customer. In this stage the customer, once it has received an outstanding or expired payment, will still be unnecessarily term for the collection of his entitlement will immediately the practice at the Office, including a copy of the invoice and / or other accounting documents confirming the right of credit, which must contain all the identification data of the debtor and the indication the amount of the claim. Credit recovery in Italy.

Extrajudicial Internal Recovers

The firm will then see the default debtor, including for interrupting the limitation period. If it fails to this deadline, it will be made telephone reminders view to reaching recovery. Even if such an attempt is irrelevant, the personal from the Office will also carry out an attempted home collection. The attempted extrajudicial debt recovery will run out then in 30/60 days from receipt of the practice.

Debt Collection Litigation: costs alone, without a percentage of the recovered.

Out of this phase, and the explicit request of the creditor, the firm will also carry out the judicial recovery of debts. Given, however, that due to the high expenses required by the courts of the State in order to achieve judicial recovery of credit, and given also the high percentage of failure observed, the Bertaggia Office has prepared the following standard procedure: fulfillment by credit reporting companies and commercial investigation of a specific time to discover the existence of attachable assets usefully exist. Only after the positive nature of this investigation the Bertaggia Office perform the recovery proceedings only to administrative expenses, skills and fees will be interrogated directly to a debtor.

We have an investigation company carry out preventive investigations

Foreign Credit Recovery


Under the new system globalized, more often both companies and individuals, who need to recover credits in foreign territory: Firm Bertaggia, in years operation in this field, has specialized in this operating segment. Through a network of correspondents loyal and carefully chosen, the firm Bertaggia is able to do get, to its customers, the excellent recovery rates. Similarly to what happens in the national debt, also in that foreign operation is carried out before a the preventive monitoring, aimed at verifying the concrete possibility of obtaining credit recovery claimed, in order to avoid judicial recovery procedures burdensome and intended a priori to failure. The Office also carries always an attempt extra-judicial recovery, trying to minimize the litigation.


Europe – Europe Eastern – United States of America – North Central and South America- Russia – China – North Africa – South Africa
The terms of the recovery abroad will be agreed from time to time with the study Legal considerations in the different conditions operational and legislation in these countries.


Unfortunately, often the lender initiates court proceedings so-called to “Blind”, not knowing whether his credit will be usefully recovered or if such court proceedings on the debtor will only rise to unnecessary and costly foreclosures negative. It’s the opinion of The Bertaggia Office, that through such a way to operate the creditor is likely to run into expensive procedures, long, and often success less. The Bertaggia Office does not perform a cause the “blind” way, but through investigation preparatory to the recovery, occur if the debtor are property of any kind, usefully attachable, and only thereafter positive start, in agreement with the creditor, the cause judicial recovery of credit. In case of negative information, the Firm will provide the creditor a write-off DECLARATION OF THE CREDIT, which the latter can be made from the budget of the credit loss not collected with significant tax advantages.

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