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The Law Firm Bertaggia was born in 1993 in Ferrara, Italy, and has offices in, Ferrara, Italy.

The firm consists of many professional collaborators: Lawyers – Accountants – Labour Consultants – Financial Consultants – Investigators.

For each sector there is a professional who specializes in the particular matter that is the main contact for both the management practices that for relationships with customers.

The absolute lack of internal bureaucracy, the great availability to the customer’s needs, the extreme precision and rapidity in practice, the existence of a professional interlocutor specifically for each case treated, mean that the law firm Bertaggia represents the right partner for the provision of legal services new, modern, and not exclusively geared to the form but the substance and, above all, to the concrete obtain the result desired by the customer.

Our Law Firm is a structure, not a single professional! Our customers are provided with a user ID and password and can log in directly to our system for managing, viewing and processing of their practices. 24 hours 24 from anywhere in the world, even from your phone. This is what the firm intends Bertaggia as professionalism and efficiency in managing the positions assigned to them. Your time is valuable and we do not want to waste! If the customer requires a personal interview with one of our professionals will have it forever, but for whatever you need management will always be able to connect to our system and manage its positions even in the comfort of his home on Sunday. We also provide online counseling via the latest video conferencing systems.

The composite skills acquired provide personalized legal assistance, timely and efficient for legal affairs and issues of judicial nature both nationally and internationally.

Law firm Bertaggia. We are a real law firm in out-sourcing for all those companies that do not have a legal department.

We can be your legal reference point in all circumstances: see their site and see what we can do for you.

We are particularly prepared in the field of credit collection in Italy, dedicated to all foreign companies that have to recover credits in Italy.

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Law Firm Bertaggia. For more information, if you are a foreign customer, and are looking for a lawyer in Italy,  we speak excellent English, call +393483610420

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